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Villa Rentals in Göcek

Every year, tens of thousands of tourists visit Mugla. Göcek district is one of Mula's most popular tourist destinations. The Göcek district draws a lot of attention from foreign tourists because of its natural beauty and historical texture. Göcek is one of Fethiye's most important regions. The natural beauty of Gocek Bay is breathtaking. In Göcek bays, you can fully enjoy the sea.

You will have the opportunity to explore the natural and historical texture of Göcek district during your stay in Fethiye. There are many ancient cities in Göçek because it has hosted many civilizations. Göcek Marina is one of Turkey's most sheltered marinas, connecting the Mediterranean and the Aegean in the Göcek Region. The facility is extremely sensitive to the environment and was established in the region, the majority of which is protected. The marina, which is surrounded by natural beauty, also hosts thrilling races. It is only 5 minutes from the center, and there are numerous cafes and restaurants along the promenade.

Villas for Rent

Göcek is a lovely town in Mugla province's Fethiye district, close to the gulf region, and a popular destination for vacationers. Domestic and international tourists visit this beautiful vacation spot within the borders of Mugla province. There are numerous reasons why people who want to vacation in the region should choose this location.

With its deep blue sea and unique natural beauties, this settlement within our country's borders is one of the most popular places for vacations, especially during the summer. Except during the summer, the weather in this holiday region is warmer than in other parts of the province of Mula. You can visit outside of the summer months.

Things to do in Göcek

When visiting the Göcek region of Mugla for a vacation, there are numerous places to visit. Instead of spending the entire day swimming in the sea, you can visit the region's historical and entertainment sites at specific times and benefit from the clean air. You can travel to places to visit in Göcek by car or by public transportation.

Here are some places to visit in the area:


Bath Cove (Cleopatra Bath Cove)

Gemiler Island 


Bay of Bedri Rahm

The Yassica Islands

Bay of Hornbuku

Bay Marti (Yayansu)

Ladder Bay

Aquarium Bay

Bay of Killebuku

Inlice Beach Siralibuk 

Bay Paradise Cove

Ancient Theater of Telmessos

Are some of the places in the area that you can visit. You can take your children to the ancient theater to learn about how people used to watch theater in these locations, as well as its history. You can gaze out at the sea and sip your drink while admiring the magnificent view of Gemiler Island