Airport Transfers

Airport Transfer
We are happy to meet our customers who will be staying in our villas at any time of day with our air-conditioned, comfortable vehicles and experienced drivers to transport you from the airport to the property where you will be staying.
Please contact us in advance if you require airport transportation.

Rent a Car

Rent a Car

We also help our guests who stay in our villas with car rentals. Your rental car will be delivered to the villa or apartment at the time and date you specify.

We also provide rental car service to the airports of Dalaman and Antalya...

For these services, simply contacting us will suffice.

Boat Tours

Boat Tour

As you are aware, boat/yacht tours are one of the essential pleasures of summer vacationers. Private boat tours can be taken with your family or with other vacationers. We, the Akdenizvillam family, offer you the boat tour organization with the best price guarantee, saving you from all of these hassles...

There are two types of tours, Private Boat Tours and Shared Boat Tours.

Private Boat Tour

A private boat tour is one that is only for you, your family, your group of friends, or the people you want to be with. We value our valued guests' wishes for an unforgettable and enjoyable boat tour with your family and friends.

Shared Boat Tour

With shared boat tours, there are other customers apart from you who take part in the trip. The route is fixed in this boat tour model. The food menu has been set. Prices are calculated per person. It is done between the specified hours, and the boat returns to the port at the end of the tour.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

With their diverse opportunities, Kaş and Kalkan, which are home to world-famous diving spots, provide a unique atmosphere for diving enthusiasts. Many divers and tourists prefer our region, which was specifically chosen for diving records. Ships and tanks were sunk to promote diving tourism, and various diving options were revealed. You can participate in this activity with professional diving equipment and an experienced diving team and add it to your list of unforgettable vacation memories. Staying in our rental cottage options allows you to do such activities in a more comfortable and peaceful setting.