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First of all, Welcome to our website...!

Our company manages the short-term rental of all cottages and apartments listed on our website, as well as real estate sales. Our company also collaborates with companies broadcasting in 42 different countries and plays an important role in attracting foreign customers to the Kalkan and Kaş regions.

Since 2014, our company has been in the Villa Rental industry. Recognizing the significance of our work, we are making every effort to serve people in a professional manner using the logic of tourism rather than real estate.

We understand that this job necessitates sacrifice, experience, and hard work. As a result, we treat each customer as an individual and make certain that they enjoy their vacation time to the fullest and we always make this our priority.


First, you must determine the dates for which you wish to rent the villa. Then you send your pre-reservation request for the villa you specified in the form. Our team will double-check the availability of that villa and contact you as soon as possible to begin the reservation process. Your rental contract will be sent to you after you deposit 30% of the fee to our company account via Credit Card, EFT, or Money Transfer. As a result, the villa you selected will be reserved for you. The remaining fee is paid in cash to the authorized person at the villa's entrance.

Payments for the deposit can be made on the site via Wire Transfer, EFT, Swift, and Credit Card within 1 (one) business day. Upon receipt of the deposit, you will receive a written confirmation of the Villa/Apartment/Apartment within 1 working day at the latest. The total fee, the deposit received, the dates the villa was rented in your name, and the time of day you deposited the deposit are all reported within the rental. If the deposit is not paid, AKDENIZVILLAM reserves the right to cancel the pre-reservation and accept other reservations for the villa/apartment/apartment without informing the customer.

Villa Check-ins & Check-outs

The villa/apartment check-in time is 16:00 (afternoon), and the check-out time is 10:00. (morning). Meanwhile, the villa/apartment is being cleaned. Villa/apartment rentals are typically available for 7 nights and 8 days.

Pool and Garden Maintenance

The attendant cleans the pools and gardens of all villas/apartments every day early in the morning. Our villas/apartments have clean spare sheets, pillows, and towels. For guests staying longer than 10 days, all of our villas are cleaned on the seventh day. A fee is charged if the customer requests cleaning before one week from the date of arrival at the villa.

Situations in which the customer bears responsibility

Customers are permitted to use all of the furniture and furnishings of the vacation home they rent, but they must do so in a clean manner and notify our company immediately if they cause any damage. They will pay for any damage to the villa that they may cause during their stay, as well as any lost property, without leaving the villa. Customers will be considerate of their neighbors and will refrain from any behavior or noise that may disturb the environment.

Transactions are carried out in accordance with the customer's declaration during the pre-reservation phase of the holiday home. The customer acknowledges and guarantees that the information he has provided is correct and complete. Our company is not liable for any problems caused by the customer's incomplete or incorrect information. 

Smoking and Pets

Pets are not permitted in any of our rental villas/apartments/apartments, with the exception of those where pets are permitted. Otherwise, Akdenizvillam is authorized to unilaterally terminate the agreement and evict the customer without a refund. All of our Villas/Apartments prohibit smoking in the enclosed areas.

Reservation Cancellation by the Guest

1) For cancellations made up to 44 days before your villa entry date, your full prepayment fee will be paid after the prepayment fee is deposited into our account. Because this entire payment was made as a down payment to the landlord.

2) The remaining payment must be made in cash upon arrival at the villa/apartment. If you cancel your reservation between 30 and 15 days before your villa check-in date, the customer will be charged 50% of the remaining payment amount.

3) If the reservation is cancelled 14 days before the date of entry to the villa, or if entry is not made, the entire remaining payment amount is collected from the customer.

4) These articles do not apply to the customer's unique circumstances. If they submit the required information and documents to our company, an examination is conducted and a decision is communicated to them via e-mail.

Reservation Cancellations by Akdeniz Villam

In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, such as the region where the holiday villas are located or the villa/apartment itself, Akdeniz Villam reserves the right to cancel the reservation (such as the plumbing problem of the house, electricity, water cuts in the region, natural disasters such as earthquakes). In such and similar cases, Akdeniz Villam Turizm Emlak is required to refund the entire amount paid to the guest. Akdeniz Villam tries to offer alternatives, at least as the rented villa/apartment, based on the guest's request and complaint. The guest may select one of the alternative villas or apartments or, if desired, cancel the reservation and request a refund of the payment made.

Date change requests for Reservations

You are free to change the dates you have reserved for our villas and apartments. These situations, however, vary depending on certain terms and conditions. Reservation changes are subject to a 150 TL processing fee. Because even a one-day change in your reservation date means that all of the reservation forms sent to the host and you are rearranged and changed. Depending on how far in advance you want to change your reservation date, it is a separate criterion. It is not possible to change the date if there are less than 30 days until your arrival at the villa. This is due to the fact that when less than 30 days remain, the period reserved for you is less likely to be rented to another guest.


During their stay in the villa/apartment, tenants must report any complaints to www.akdenizvillam.com. The situation that is the subject of the complaint will be investigated by www.akdenizvillam.com staff, and the necessary steps will be taken as soon as possible. www.akdenizvillam.com cannot be held liable for complaints that are not reported during the stay but are made after leaving the villa/cottage.


In accordance with applicable laws, Akdenizvillam.com issues an invoice for the service fee for each reservation made. Other than the Service Fee, the Villa owner is responsible for invoicing.


Transactions such as being a taxpayer, benefiting from exemptions, filing a declaration, accrual, and paying taxes according to the Revenue Administration's regulations are subject to the provisions of the Republic of Turkey's laws in the taxation of income from immovable properties.

Our company receives payments to its corporate bank account via EFT/Money Transfer/Swift or online credit card payment.

Rental villas, children's pool villas, jacuzzi villas, honeymoon villas, luxury villas, sea view villas, conservative villas, villas intertwined with nature, villas close to the sea, ultra-luxury villas, and villas with heating pools are also available through our company.

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