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Our company is the organization of the short-term lease of all the summer and apartments on our website, and the property sales operations.

Our company also operates in 42 countries worldwide with the publication of With Expedia Group.

We play  significant role in bringing  foreign customers, to Kalkan and Kas.

Our company is been in the Villa rental sector since 2015. Knowing the importance of this work we are doing in a professional way rather than real estate, we are in the effort to serve people with the logic of tourism. 

We know that this job requires sacrifice, experience and a lot of work. That's why we take care of all our customers separately and make them spend their best vacation time. Our company is acting with this principle.


 You must first determine the dates of the villa you want to book to rent. 

You then send your pre-booking request to the villa you specified in the Pre-booking form.

 Our team will check the availability of the villa again and start your booking process as soon as you return. 

After depositing 30% of the fee in our company account as credit card, Eft and wire transfer, you will receive your rental contract. 

Thus, the dates of the villa you have chosen will be reserved on your behalf. The remaining charge is delivered to the villa in cash upon arrival.

Deposit, EFT, Swift and credit card payment via the site will be available within 1 (one) business day.

 Upon receipt of the deposit, you will receive a rental confirmation certificate of the villa/apartment in writing at the latest within 1 working day. 

The total wage in the rental, the deposit and the date of the deposit of the villa, which is rented on your behalf, is reported. If the deposit is not deposited, Akdenizvillam will be entitled to cancel the pre-booking without providing information to the customer and to obtain another reservation at the Villaya/aparta/apartment.

Entrance and exit to the Villas 

The entrance hours of the Villa/apartments  are 16:00 (afternoon) and the departure time is 10:00 (Morning).

 In this  period of time Villa/apart is cleaned. Villa/Apartment rentals are specified as standard 7 nights and 8 days.

Pool and Garden Care:

 All villas/apartments are serviced by the pool and garden in the early morning by the daily regular staff. 

Our Villas/apartments have clean spare sheets, pillows and towels. All of our villas if you stay  more than 10 days for guests staying 7th  Day cleaning is done.

 If the  customers  required for cleaning  during that 7 days  from the date of entry to the villa, extra fees required.

Customer is responsible 

Customers are authorized to use all of the furniture and furnishings of the holiday residence they are renting, furniture and equipment cleanly,  customers require to report soon as occurs for any damage. 

The custormer is required to pay for any damages or lost items before terminating their  tenancy. 

Customers would  be asked to refrain from any anti-social behavior noise that would disturbed the neighbors.

 In addition, they will not contain substances such as any weapons, drugs, etc. which are prohibited by law, they will not host any sought-after persons/fugitives in the villa, in short, they shall not be used for any illegal activity. 

The customer is responsible for any possible accidents, damages and other individuals who are accompanied (accompanying) in the rented housing during the lease period.

Each holiday house has a maximum number of people description, the number of guests stated during the rental period and not approved in the receipt/document, children and infants are included in the number of people staying at home. If the maximum number of people who can stay at home is passed, you will be asked to leave the house or demand a certain amount of extra charge.

During the pre-reservation phase of the holiday house, transactions are carried out according to the customer's statement.

 The customer agrees and commits that the information he has provided is accurate and complete. 

Our company is not responsible for any problems arising from incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the customer.

Pets and Cigarettes

 Pets are not allowed in our villas/apartments/flats for all of our rental villas/  properties pets are prohibited. 

Otherwise, Akdenizvillam is authorised to terminate the agreement unilaterally and has the right to evict the customer without any refund.

 All of our villas/apartments/flats are not allowed to be smoked in closed areas.

Cancellation of reservation by guest 

1) After the prepayment fee is deposited in our account, your prepayment fee will be fully charged for cancellations made up to 30 days prior to your villa arrival date.

2) Because the entire payment was made as a prepayment to the landlord. 2) The remaining payment must be made in cash at the time of Villa/apartment entrance. 

3) If you wish to cancel your reservation if your villa is between 30 and 15 days from your arrival date, you will be charged 50% of the remaining payment amount.

4)  If the cancellation of the reservation occurs 14 days before the date of entry to the villa or no entry is made, the remainder of the payment amount will be charged to the customer.

5)  Customer's exceptions are excluded from these items. In case of presenting the necessary information and documents to our company, the decision is made to themselves by mail, by way of the informed. 

6) Cancellation of reservation by Mediterranean Villam

7)  The right to cancel the reservation of the Mediterranean Villam in case of non-visible conditions such as the area of the holiday villas or the villa/apartment (plumbing problem of the house, electricity in the area, water shortages, earthquake etc. Natural disasters) Contain. 

8)  In these and similar cases, the Mediterranean Villam tourism property must return all payment to the guest. Depending on the guest's request and victimisation, the Mediterranean Villam will try to offer alternatives for the minimum guest rent villa/apartment setting.

9)  Guests can choose one of the alternative villas or apartments or request a refund of the payment done by canceling the reservation altogether.

10) Date Change Request for reservation

11) You have the right to make changes to our villas and apartments. However, these situations vary depending on certain conditions and circumstances. 

12) The booking changes are subject to a transaction fee of 1000 TL. This means that even one day of your booking date changes to the landlord and all of the booking forms sent to you are re-organized and changed. 

13) This is a separate Criteria depending on how long you want to change your booking date. If the villa is less than 30 days from your entry date, change of date is impossible.

14)  The reason for this is that the period reserved for you is less than 30 days, so there is little chance that another guest will be hired.

Our company pays the payments to the corporate bank account via EFT/transfer/Swift or online credit card payment.

Our company is also a villa for rent, children Pool villa, Jacuzzi villa, honeymoon villa, luxury villa, sea view Villa, conservative villa, surrounded by nature villa, close to the sea villa, ultra luxury villa, heating with a pool of options such as you valued Offers to our customers. 

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