Terms and Conditions

Mediterranen Villam carries out the organisation of short-term rental and property sales transactions of all villas and apartments on our website. Our company also works with companies broadcasting in 42 foreign countries around the world and plays an important role in bringing foreign guests to Kalkan and Kas region.

Our company has successfully been in the Villa Rental business since 2014. Knowing the importance of this work what we are doing, we are in an effort to serve our guests with the logic of tourism rather than real estate in a professional manner. We know that this business requires sacrifice, experience and hard work. Therefore, we take care of all our guests separately and ensure that they spend their holiday in the best way. Our company acts within this principle.

The Lead Guest

The Lead Guest is the only person or agency that holds the booking and acts on behalf of the party, to whom all correspondence and invoices are addressed and who is responsible for the rental.

Booking and Payment

To book a villa, you should determine the dates of the villa which you intend to rent. Then you need to send your booking request for the villa. When we recieve your booking request, we will contact you to confirm availability and arrange for your booking deposit to be paid. On bank transfers, a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the accommodation rental is payable when you book your holiday and the balance is due on arrival as CASH or total amount ( %100 ) can be paid when you book your holiday. On Credit Card Payments, a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the accommodation rental is payable when you book your holiday and the balance is due on arrival as CASH or total amount ( %100 ) can be paid when you book your holiday. If you wish to pay the balance on arrival by a credit or debit card, we reserve the right to charge a 3% administration charge.

Bookings will only be confirmed upon receiving a confirmation email after receiving the payment.

Non-refundable deposit payment should be made within 1 (one) working day. Once we received the deposit, a written confirmation of the rental of the villa will be sent to your e-mail address within 1 working day at the latest. In case the deposit is not payed, Mediterranean Villam reserves the right to cancel booking request and take another reservation for the property.

Booking Confirmation

Immediately upon receipt of the booking confirmation email from Mediterranean Villam, you must check the details and notify the Mediterranean Villam of any mistakes/errors made by the company as soon as possible and in any event within 7 days; no changes can be made to the booking after this time.

Check-in and Check-out

The official time for entry into your accommodation is 16:00. The cleaners have sole access to the accommodation until this time to prepare for your arrival therefore, entry to the accommodation prior to this time will not be permitted. Check out time for all accommodations is 10:00.

Pool and Garden Maintenance

All Rental Properties on our website are maintained by staff appointed by the Property Owner who have access to the pool/garden area. Gardens must be maintained on a regular basis, and it is simply not possible for this to be carried out on 'change-over' days.

Swimming pools are checked on a regular basis and this is normally carried out early in the morning to avoid disruption to you during your booked stay at the Rental Property. However, it must be noted that neither pool nor garden personnel have fixed hours, so it is not possible for us to advise you of the exact date or time of their visit. We ask for your cooperation when staff visit, as it is imperative to keep the properties well maintained for our customer's enjoyment throughout the year.

Please take care to secure the property at all times and take care of property key(s). You will be responsible for the cost of replacement key(s) if you lose them.

Your Responsibility

The accommodation you book is reserved exclusively for the people named on your booking confirmation receipt. No other persons are permitted to stay at the accommodation, nor can you arrange for visitors to the accommodation for the purpose of events like parties, celebrations or other large gatherings unless this has been agreed with us in advance and in writing and appropriate payments have been made (if applicable). You and all members of your party also agree not to use the accommodation for any illegal or commercial purpose, including subletting or otherwise allowing anyone who has not previously been accepted on your booking confirmation receipt to stay. In the event of a breach of any of the undertakings set out, the property owner (or their representative), or Mediterranean Villam can refuse to allow the Lead Guest to take possession of the rental property or make the Lead Guest and members of the party leave the property before the end of the booking. in either case the Lead Guest shall be deemed to have cancelled the booking and shall have no claim for compensation or reimbursement whatsoever. Under no circumstances will pets be allowed in the rental property unless otherwise agreed in writing by Mediterranean Villam or Property Owner. The Lead Guest, personally and on behalf of the party and any other visitor/s to the property, agrees not to smoke or allow smoking inside the rental property at any time. On departure, you should leave the accommodation ina reasonably clean and tidy condition so that it can be prepared for the next guests.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made by email received from the lead name on the booking via the email address registered on the booking. Cancellations will become effective from the delivery date of the cancellation email. All cancellations are subject to a charge payable by the customer as detailed below; charges for cancelled bookings will be confirmed to you by invoice within two weeks of cancellation. Please note: these charges also apply, if you have failed to make payment on time and we cancel your booking as a result. Additonally, your booking will be treated as cancelled and the same charges will apply if you decide to change your accommodation from one property to another.

You will lose your non-refundable deposit ( %30 ) if you have more than 80 days before your holiday start, you will be charged %50 if you have 79-60 days, you will be charged %100 if you have 59 days or less.

Cancellation by Us

If we cancel your booking owing to circumstances beyond our control (such as an overbooking situation,unresolvable problems at the property,natural disasters), you will be advised as soon as possible o find replacement accommodation for all the guests in your party.In any event, the limit of our Mediterranean Villam's liability to you where we have to cancel is the accommodation cost paid under your booking confirmation.

Complaints Procedure

We sincerely hope your holiday arrangements run as smoothly as possible and you enjoy your time , however, if you do feel the need to complain while in resort, we recommend that you immediately inform Mediterranean Villam or the property owner. Mediterranen Villam will not be held responsible for complaints that are not reported during the stay, when the stay is over and after leaving the resort.

Invoicing Process

Mediterranean Villam invoices the amount of the service fee made due course of laws for each booking. On the other hand property owner is responsible for invoicing amounts other than the service fee.


In the taxation of income from premises, according to the regulation determined by the Presidency of Revenue Administration, procedures such as liability to taxing, benefiting from exemptions, declaration, accrual, tax payment are subject to the provisions of the laws of the Republic of Turkey.